Junior Martial Arts

Junior Martial Arts In Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

The First Step Made by Parents to Increase Their Child's Attention and Physical Development

Enhance your little one’s mental and physical capabilities with a fun, rewarding program.

If You Have A 4 Year Old That…

  • Is still getting to know the world around them and is learning how to interact with their surroundings.
  • Is growing and could benefit from increased movement and activity.
  • Falls down often and has the normal balance and coordination challenges kids face at that age.
  • Is developing and in the process of learning social and listening skills.

Then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to discover the transformative powers martial arts has on young children.

More Than Just Martial Arts

Discover the Transformative Powers Martial Arts has on Children!

Increased Agility and Flexibility

Martial arts does wonders for the body, blood flow, and overall motor function. Our sessions aim to improve balance and stability to help your child develop while reducing the risk of injury. Parents often notice better posture, more energy, and improvements in stability and hand eye coordination after a few weeks of consistent training.

Positive Mood and Energy

We notice a profound difference in kids’ mood during classes. Students benefit from fun socialization with other kids along with aerobic exercises that promote movement and the flow of energy. Our positive, uplifting environment helps kids feel safe and welcome which leads to smiles, laughter, and great energy.

Rewards Unbelievable Listening Skills

By touching on topics like respect and humility, kids learn to listen attentively to their elders. It starts with an interest in mimicking all the cool moves and “tricks” they see the other kids doing but once they realize what they can accomplish by simply paying attention they begin paying more attention to other areas of life as well.

A Launching Pad To Your Child’s Success

With all the growth and development that happens at this stage, why not make the most of these transformative years?

Our curriculum focuses on providing students with mental stimulation, physical activity, increased coordination, and sharp reflexes so our toddlers can be prepared for wherever life takes them.

We strive to instill an appreciation for movement and exercise in our students so they can live healthy balanced lives.

An Environment For Socialization

At this young developing age it’s extremely important that kids interact with other children and develop healthy social skills. This helps shape their personality and foster proper communication habits.

Our classes provide kids with an environment that encourages socialization as we mix in lessons on teamwork, character, leadership, and communication while they play.

These skills are necessary in all areas of life including school, sports, home, activities, and other social events.

Behavioral And Character Development

Although it may seem early, we can say with complete certainty that it’s much easier to instill a good quality than it is to replace a bad one.

We touch on topics like respect and cooperation so toddlers will grow into well behaved children and avoid the behavioral challenges kids pick up from negative influences.

Nothing brings us more satisfaction than watching students grow into honorable, exemplary human beings and we believe that starts with the foundations of respect and responsibility.


Is Martial Arts dangerous?

Although any sport or activity has some risk involved, our team of certified instructors follow safety protocols to ensure a safe and supportive environment for our students. In fact, unlike sports which has one adult supervising an entire team, we have multiple instructors monitoring a room at all times making sure everything runs smoothly. We understand that each student has their own unique limits and we encourage rest and feedback during exercise.

Is Martial Arts violent?

Martial Arts is often depicted as a violent activity but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The mindset behind martial arts involves harmony, peace, tranquility, and connection to the body. The majority of training focuses around movement and energy. We teach kids how to talk through conflicts and seek the guidance of an adult with the authority to help. However, if an unavoidable violent situation arises in your child’s life, they now have the tools to fend off the attack and safely escape the situation.

What special equipment will my child need to participate?

For your free trial, we recommend you come in shorts and a T-shirt to work out and have fun. Once you signup, we offer a free uniform for each new student!

How can Martial Arts prepare my child for life?

In addition to training children in conflict resolution and self defense, martial arts also instills essential life skills like discipline, honor, confidence, and respect. The process of goal setting and working towards moving forward is extremely rewarding and causes a major shift in maturity.

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