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Is Martial Arts a safe activity for my child?

Our team of certified instructors follow safety protocols to ensure a safe and supportive environment for our students. In fact, unlike sports which has one adult supervising an entire team, we have multiple instructors monitoring a room at all times making sure everything runs smoothly. Especially considering the young age of students in our Junior Martial Arts class, your child will never be placed in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

Is Martial Arts Violent?

Martial Arts is often depicted as a violent activity but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The mindset behind martial arts involves harmony, peace, tranquility, and connection to the body. Our Junior Martial Arts training primarily focuses around movement and energy. The most we’ll do physically is stretching and cool poses and we forbid combat of any kind in our Junior classes.

How does Martial Arts help my child develop?

Other than essential movement and physical activity, martial arts also instills important life skills like discipline, honor, confidence, and respect. We also place great emphasis on balance, coordination, reflexes, memory, mental sharpness, communication, and behavioral skills to ensure we’re providing a valuable, transformative curriculum.

Can we try the program before signing up?

We encourage all parents to start out with a trial package. It’s important that students feel out our program before deciding and only continue if they’re absolutely certain martial arts is the right move. If after a trial package ends you’re not completely satisfied, we’re more than happy to issue a full refund. Parents are also more than welcome to sit in on a session before hand or reach out to our team for a deeper, more personal conversation.


How does martial arts tie into my personal and professional life?

Intense exercise of any form leads to the release of endorphins which heightens your mood and energy. However, martial arts takes this to a whole new level! Through positions and practices that force you to focus and shift your energy, expect to leave sessions feeling great! With a clear mind you can tackle any professional challenge or appreciate the things that really matter in life.

I don’t consider myself athletic or physically fit. Is martial arts for me?

Yes! We structure sessions to benefit all students regardless of size, stature, age, strength, or ability. In fact, by using an opponent’s energy against them, a person on the smaller size can finally feel certain in their ability to protect themselves.

Self defense is a priority for me and I’d like to be able to defend myself in any situation. Is this the right program for this?

100%. After just a few sessions, you’ll possess a set of easy to use redirection tools that can fend off an attacker. Feel confident that this is a comprehensive self defense solution.

Can I network and meet new people here?

We’ve seen friendships, relationships, and business partnerships form right before our eyes. After all, you’ll be sharing a room with driven individuals such as yourself all working towards a common goal. How could you not make connections here?

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, in fact we encourage it! Having a friend going through training by your side is often exactly the motivational force needed to get you to the next level! Reinforce your relationship with a shared experience and meet new people together too!

What if I decide not to continue?

We’re confident that you’ll love our program but in the event that you decide martial arts isn’t for you, rest assured knowing you’ll receive a full refund on trial packages.

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