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True Sense of Discipline and Leadership

Since 1993 Modesto’s Karate has helped improve and empower lives throughout our area by combining a highly praised character development system and practical self-defense. The principles we teach are simple, effective and most importantly, they work. Our instructors not only teach, but they continuously train, pressure testing the self-defense principles to provide our students the most effective, reliable, up to date self-defense training possible. At Modesto’s Karate Academies Martial Arts is a vehicle for character development and self-improvement. Teamwork and character are prioritized over competition and ego, which leads to transformative results. Our top priority is guidance and offering students support along with the structure and tools needed to reach new heights. With a focus on character development, inner strength, & practical self-defense we work relentlessly to help you unleash your true power!

Meet Our Team

  • Mark Modesto Owner and Head Instructor At Modesto's Karate Academies

    Mark Modesto

    Owner/Head Instructor

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